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Bentham Science is an international STM publisher fulfilling the information needs of the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical research Communities. We are publishers of many high impact factor Journals and eBooks, leading titles include Recent Patents on Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery (Impact Factor 4.295), Current Alzheimer Research (Impact Factor 3.889), Current Medicinal Chemistry (Impact Factor 3.853), the top journal in its field endorsed by several Nobel Laureates, Current Molecular Medicine (Impact Factor 3.621), Current Cancer Drug Targets (Impact Factor 3.522), Current Pharmaceutical Design (Impact Factor 3.452), Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry (Impact Factor 3.402), Current Protein & Peptide Science (Impact Factor 3.154), Current Neuropharmacology (Impact Factor 3.049) and Current Drug Targets (Impact Factor 3.021).

Bentham Science offers individual users and librarians a convenient pay-per-view service to Journal articles and eBooks chapters, in addition to providing COUNTER-compliant usage reports. Free access and open access services to some Journals content are also available. In order to use our pay-per-view services, users must first register.

Pay-Per-View is the most cost effective option to access individual articles and chapters from Bentham Journals and eBooks. Instant access to the desired article(s) and eBooks Chapters, as a downloadable PDF file, including the full text and illustrations are obtained by payment with a credit card. Fees are favorable when compared to document delivery charges.

Academic and corporate libraries may also purchase Journal subscriptions from Bentham Science. Please click  here for ordering Journal(s) and/or eBook(s).

For complete information on Bentham publications, please visit  www.benthamscience.com